Looking for the perfect liquid blush to give your cheeks a glowing look?

We've done the hard work for you and narrowed down all of the liquid blush products on the market today. Our rigorous research revealed which ones are top-of-the-line and will provide you with just the right color, coverage, and longevity that you need in a product.

With one glance at our collection of liquid blushes, you'll know exactly how to transform your cheeks into gorgeous-looking works of art! From soft pinks to vibrant oranges, there's something here for everyone - no matter what kind of look you're going after. Plus, each product is infused with skin-nourishing ingredients like vitamins A & E to help keep your complexion healthy and happy all day long.

How We Choose the Liquid Blush

We’ve put in the work to find you the best list of liquid blushes. Our team has read customer reviews on Amazon and narrowed it down to a select few that are known for their long-lasting staying power, seamless finish, beautiful shades & formula consistency.

These gorgeous and flattering colors blend effortlessly into your skin tone, giving you a naturally glowing look with minimal effort. Whether you want a subtle flush or bold cheeks, we have something for everyone!

Easy to wear that you just use a sponge tip and tap it on your cheek.

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Experience the easy-to-wear, dewy finish of KIMUSE Liquid Blush!

This liquid blush is designed to give you a beautiful, soft look without accentuating texture, lines, or pores. A simple tap of the sponge tip delivers buildable color with a natural, second-skin finish, perfect for achieving that glowy look. Great for all skin types and tones, the lightweight formula ensures your cheeks will look healthy and natural without feeling heavy or greasy.

With KIMUSE Liquid Blush, you'll achieve a beautiful look each and every time. Shop now to experience hassle-free application and gorgeous long-lasting color that won't cake or crease. Give your cheeks the perfect pop of color with KIMUSE Liquid Blush!

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With its blend of skin-loving and natural ingredients, this cruelty-free liquid blush is not only good for you but also for the environment. As a 100% vegan formula, it's free from harmful toxins and gluten, making it a perfect fit for those with sensitive skin.

And the best part? It's never tested on animals, so you can rest easy knowing that your beauty routine is completely ethical. So what are you waiting for? Add KIMUSE Liquid Blush to your beauty arsenal today and indulge in beautiful, healthy, and conscious makeup.

Lightweight, breathable and easy to apply.

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Cool Facts

KYDA Liquid Blush will help you accentuate your features for a look that alluringly draws everyone in.

This highly sought-after liquid blush is lightweight, breathable, and easy to apply, giving you a beautiful addition to your makeup look. Natural lasting, KYDA Liquid Blush improves the complexion of the face for a velvet mist face natural makeup.

With a special design containing vitamin E, and green tea extract, this liquid blush helps keep your skin fresh and moisturized throughout the day. Perfect for all occasions, KYDA Liquid Blush gives you the transformation you desire. Get ready to be mesmerized by this magical hue.

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The KYDA Liquid Blush is the perfect multi-use product for anyone who wants a streamlined makeup routine. Not only can it give your cheeks a rosy glow, but it can also be used as an eyeshadow and lipstick. This means you can create an all-matched tone makeup look with just one product.

Plus, the liquid formula is easy to blend and has a long-lasting hold, so you can go about your day without worrying about touch-ups. Say goodbye to cluttered makeup bags and hello to the KYDA Liquid Blush for a simplified yet stunning makeup routine.

Adds an instant and healthy profusion of a natural-looking flush of color. 

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Looking for a blush that will brighten and wake up your complexion? Look no further than Perricone MD No Makeup Blush!

This sheer blendable formula builds beautifully on the cheeks, giving you a flush of color that’s youthful and radiant. It’s like having invisible makeup – your skin looks rejuvenated and naturally glowing, with a hint of warmth.

This lightweight cream-textured blush glides across the cheeks for an effortless application. And because it contains a potent blend of nourishing antioxidants, skin is also receiving powerful anti-aging benefits. You get all the beauty benefits without resorting to heavy makeup!

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This trusty beauty product is designed to add a natural flush of color to your cheeks, instantly brightening up your entire face. And the best part? This blush is so lightweight and subtle, you'll hardly even notice you're wearing it.

Whether you want to accentuate your cheekbones or just add a touch of healthy-looking color, Perricone MD's No Makeup Blush has got you covered. So why not add it to your beauty routine and get glowing today?

Customized waterproof, durable, velvet texture liquid powder blusher formula for long-term wear.

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Get your best-looking flush with the LANGMANNI Soft Liquid Blush Makeup!

This lightweight liquid blush is designed to give you a natural, yet luminous look that will stay all day. Its easy-to-apply formula, matched with a built-in sponge applicator, allows you to customize your own blush while making sure that it achieves an even finish.

Perfect for all-day wear without feeling sticky or uncomfortable, the LANGMANNI Soft Liquid Blush Makeup is the ideal way to brighten and define any complexion.

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With LANGMANNI Blush, you no longer have to worry about harmful chemicals or animal testing. This makeup is safe for both your skin and even your kids! Not only that, but it's long-lasting and dries quickly, so you can go about your day without constantly checking your makeup.

And when it's time to take it off, it removes easily, making your nightly routine a breeze. Trust LANGMANNI Blush to not only enhance your natural beauty but to also prioritize your health and safety.

Formulated to provide buildable coverage that allows you to control the intensity of the color.

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Cool Facts

Achieve beautiful, glowing cheeks with the Marine Forest Liquid Blush.

This easy-to-apply blush combines a silky, smooth texture with a seamless finish – no caking or clumping required. Whether you’re looking to add a subtle flush of color to your skin or an all-out dramatic look, this versatile formula allows you to customize your look as much as you want.

And don’t worry if it feels intimidating – its intuitive application will have your skin looking soft and dewy in no time! Instantly awaken any complexion for a barely there, natural flush of color with the Marine Forest Liquid Blush – the perfect companion for bright, healthy-looking skin all day long.

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Marine Forest Liquid Blush is a game-changer for those who love a natural, healthy-looking flush on their cheeks. This unique formula is designed to provide buildable coverage, so you can control just how much color you want.

Made with nourishing marine extracts, this liquid blush not only adds a pop of color but also highlights your facial features. Whether you prefer a subtle hint of pink or a bold, bright flush, this long-lasting blush will help you achieve the look you desire effortlessly.

Water-proof and sweat-proof formula will keep your makeup last all day in hot or humid environment, giving you a comfortable experience.

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Cool Facts

For the perfect rosy flush, look no further than Lakerain Beauty’s Liquid Blush.

Unlike other liquid blushes which can be sticky and heavy, Lakerain combines a lightweight, creamy formula with a highly pigmented color that will give you a beautiful natural-looking glow that lasts all day. The easy-to-blend formula provides high coverage so you can achieve the perfect level of radiance with minimal effort.

Whether you're looking for an everyday blush or for a special night out, Lakerain Beauty Liquid Blush is sure to be your go-to accessory! With its unparalleled performance and glamorous look, this liquid blush is one beauty must-have.

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This innovative product boasts a water-proof and sweat-proof formula, which means you can enjoy a long-lasting look even in the hottest and most humid environments. Whether you're out running errands or hitting up the beach, you can trust that your makeup will stay put all day. Not only will you look gorgeous, but you'll feel comfortable too!

Liquid Blush FAQs

Ready to blush up your look? Here are the top liquid blush FAQs answered for you – let's get you in the know!

What kind of finish does liquid blush give me?

Liquid blush provides a smooth, even finish that enhances your natural beauty. It goes on light and dries quickly, so it won’t feel heavy or sticky throughout the day. The end result is a subtle, radiant glow that looks natural and lasts all day long.

How do I apply liquid blush?

Applying liquid blush is easy! Start by dotting the product on your cheeks, and blending it out in circular motions with a brush or sponge. For best results, use an applicator designed specifically for cream and liquid products – this will help you get flawless, even finish.

Is liquid blush good for my skin?

Yes! Many liquid blushes are made with nourishing ingredients like natural oils and extracts that help to hydrate the skin. It’s also a great way to add some color without having to use harsh chemicals or dyes. So, not only will you look great, but your skin health will benefit too.

Does liquid blush work on all skin tones?

Absolutely! Liquid blush comes in a variety of shades so you can find one that best suits your natural complexion. It’s also highly blendable and buildable, so you can customize it to your desired intensity. No matter what your skin tone, you’ll be able to find the perfect shade of liquid blush for you.

Does liquid blush last all day?

Yes! Liquid blushes are designed to provide long-lasting color without fading or smudging throughout the day.

What beauty product can one use for a subtly flushed look?

For a fresh, subtly flushed look, use Beauty Vision Flush Blush – its powder blush and soft neutral pink shade will give you beautiful results that last all day.

Which liquid blush can I use for a tan skin tone?

For those with tan skin tones, the Rare Beauty blush is the perfect choice for a soft and hydrating liquid blush that will stay put all day. The bright rose mauve shade gives your cheeks a subtle flush, while the hot pink cheek tint / cheek stain adds dimension and depth to create a natural-looking glow. For those with dry skin, opt for a soft pinch liquid blush and a makeup sponge to apply it evenly with minimal effort.

Bottomline: Best Liquid Blush

After scanning through ratings and reviews, we believe that these blush products are definitely worth a shot. Whether you prefer a cream or liquid formula, you can find an item that fits your skin type and makeup goals.

Choose from the brands listed above to experience the long-lasting color and beautiful sheen each offers. Not only does liquid blush provide an intense flush of color for any situation, but makes it easy to look polished without having to use a brush.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the products listed above and get your glow on! With so many shades and formulas available, there’s bound to be something perfect just for you – giving your cheeks that flattering pop they deserve!

We hope you find your next Groovy thing from the list above! Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own. Oh, and FYI — MyGroovyGuide may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Have fun finding hip, cool stuff you will LOVE!