Tired of damaging your hair with too much heat styling?

Heatless hair curling is an awesome way to change up your style without putting your locks at risk. You can achieve salon-quality curls without the hassle and expense of heading to a professional! With these tried-and-tested products, you can easily get the perfect waves at home.

Our product reviews have been carefully curated to help you find the best solution for your needs and budget. We've done all the research so you don't have to – just sit back, relax and browse our selection of heatless hair curlers!

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How We Choose the Best Heatless Hair Curlers

It's hard to find the best heatless hair curlers without spending hours reading reviews on Amazon.

Who has time to read through all of those reviews? You don't want to waste your time with a product that might not work for you.

I've done the hard work for you and have found the best heatless hair curlers based on my own personal experience and the experiences of other customers.

Beauty Salon Heatless Flexible Hair Rollers Curlers 42-pack 7" Soft Foam Flexi Twist Curling Rods for Short Long Hair

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Are you fed up of using damaging heat products for curling your hair? Then look no further than Tifara Curling Rods! The perfect combination of convenience and style, these curling rods are going to be your go-to for achieving beautiful hairstyles without the damage.

Featuring a 42-pack of 7-inch rods with 6 different thicknesses, these flexible foam rods grip your hair smoothly and securely - no pulling or breakage here! With Tifara's soft, lightweight design, you'll wonder why you ever tried anything else when it comes to curling your hair. Simply shape them according to your desired look and get ready to turn some heads!

Easy to use while providing incredible results, Tifara Curling Rods are the perfect choice for any fashionable woman who wants beautiful curls without all the fuss. Say bye bye to heat styling damage and hello to gorgeous defined curls – it's never been easier than with Tifara Curling Rods.

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Looking for a heatless way to get beautiful, salon-quality curls? Look no further than Tifara Curling Rods! With a 42-pack set including 6 sizes of foam rollers, ranging from 7/8" -7/16", you can easily create stunning styles without the worry of heat damage.

The flexible rods mold into whatever shape you desire and provide a gentle grip that holds your hair in place with no pulling or tugging. An ideal choice for short, medium and long hair, these lightweight rollers make it easy to achieve different looks quickly and safely. So why not let your inner stylist loose with these amazing rods? You can be ready for gorgeous curls in no time - all without damaging your hair!

Hair Rollers For Long Hair Curlers Heatless Curls Flexi Rods Jumbo Large Big No Heat Hair Roller You Can Sleep In Soft Foam Curling Rods Hair Rollers Overnight for Women Gril's

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Refresh your hair styling routine with IVYU's innovative Heatless Hair Curlers! Add beautiful curls to your locks without harming or damaging them in the process. This lightweight foam rollers easily grip your tresses, letting you achieve gorgeous curls quickly and effortlessly.

With flexible rods that can be molded into different shapes, you have total freedom and flexibility when it comes to styling your hair. And best of all, you don't have to worry about heat damage or discomfort when using IVYU Heatless Hair Curlers. Create salon-worthy hairstyles in no time - perfect for all hair types! Forget about chemicals and hours at a salon - get perfect curls right now with IVYU Heatless Hair Curlers!

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Get beautifully styled curls without any heat damage with IVYU Heatless Hair Curlers! These soft, lightweight foam curlers are designed for maximum comfort and minimal pulling or damage to your hair. Plus, the flexible rods can be molded into any shape so that you can have complete control over styling your hair.

Whether your hair is short, medium or long, you'll achieve luscious curls in a breeze! In addition, this amazing product makes a great present – pair it with one of their fashionable silk curling headband and you're sure to make someone special feel extra loved. Make IVYU Heatless Hair Curlers part of your beauty routine today for amazing curls without worry of damaging your hair with heat!

28 Pieces Heatless Curlers No Heat Spiral Curls Hair Curlers Styling Kit with 2 Pieces Styling Hooks for Most Kinds of Hairstyles (30 cm, Brown)

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Get gorgeously wavy hair without any of the damage from heat styling with WILLBOND Heatless Hair Rollers! This 28-piece set comes with two styling hooks and a wide range of fabulous colors to choose from so you can find the perfect one for you. The soft foam material allows you to easily slide each curler into your hair without any pulling or tearing and the flexible rods can be molded into different shapes and sizes so you can get exactly the curl type you want, perfection every time!

These rollers are gentle enough to use even on weak or fragile hair or wigs, making them suitable for all types of hair types. With just four easy steps, this amazing set will transform your hairstyle in no time at all – no heat required! So, don’t spend hours using heated tools and damaging your hair; get beautiful curls that are healthy and damage-free with WILLBOND Heatless Hair Rollers – perfect for all your creative style needs!

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WILLBOND Heatless Hair Rollers are the perfect tool for creating picture-perfect curls without worrying about heat damage. Complete with 28 different colored curlers and 2 styling hooks, the set offers endless possibilities!

From formal to casual hairstyles, these soft, gentle rollers make it easy to create beautiful and defined curls for any type of hair - even fragile hair extensions and wigs! And with just 4 simple steps, you can achieve long-lasting gorgeous spiral curls in no time. What’s more is that this heatless curling set makes DIY haircare especially convenient for women and girls looking to change up their look.

So why wait? Go get your WILLBOND hair rollers today!

Heatless Curling Rod Headband No Heat Silk Ribbon Curling Rod Hair Roller Curls with Hair Claw Clip Lazy Natural Soft Wave DIY Hair Rollers Styling Tool for Sleep in Overnight (Pink)

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Introducing the BATOUDE Heatless Curling Rod – your perfect beauty companion for those stunning, beachy curls without the potential for heat damage. Our innovative curling rod is made from a soft and flexible rubber material, which makes it super easy to slide into your luscious locks and make each curl look amazing. Plus, you’ll get a bonus clip made with a secure metal spring as well as high quality acrylic, so it’ll stay in place all night while you sleep – no more worrying about tousled curls!

This heatless curling rod takes just 4 simple steps to achieve beautiful beachy curls in no time. It’s ideal for all types of hair; whether usual, fragile extensions or even wigs – your locks will thank you! And with its light weight and portability, you can take our Heatless Curling Rod with you on-the-go for perfect curls whenever and wherever you need them. So grab yours today and be amazed by how quickly you can get Instagram-worthy results without any extra heat damage to worry about!

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BATOUDE Heatless Curling Rod is the perfect solution for achieving beautiful, natural-looking curls without any heat damage. This headband is made of environmentally friendly rubber that is soft and easy to fold into different shapes, making it ideal for all types of hair types.

It comes with a bonus hair clip to help hold your hair in place while you sleep, so you can wake up to perfect curls. With this heatless curling rod, you can easily create bouncy, curly hair without worrying about damaging or breaking your hair. It is also lightweight and portable for easy use at home or when traveling, making it a great gift for family and friends. So get ready to experience beautiful curls with BATOUDE Heatless Curling Rod!

JANYUN 40 Pcs Pink Magic Hair Rollers Include 20pcs Large Silicone Curlers and 20pcs Small Silicone Curlers

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Enhance your look with divinely soft curls easily and without any heat damage using JANYUN Pink Magic Hair Rollers! This set of 20 large and 20 small curlers is crafted from hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone material that ensures gentle yet firm hold without damaging or breaking your precious tresses. Not to mention, their non-slip and odorless feature let you sleep tight without having to worry about the rollers shifting on their own.

In addition, with a bonus wig cap included in the pack, you can quickly and effortlessly achieve gorgeous locks in no time – giving you a truly mesmerizing look. Get ready to flaunt divinely soft waves effortlessly with JANYUN Pink Magic Hair Rollers!

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JANYUN Pink Magic Hair Rollers are the perfect solution for achieving beautiful, natural-looking curls without any heat damage. These 40 piece set includes 20 pink large and 20 pink small silicone hair curlers, plus a bonus wig net cap as a present. Made from medical-grade soft silicone that is hypoallergenic and odorless, these rollers are ideal for all types of hair including weak or fragile extensions and wigs.

These heatless curlers are easy to use without any pins, clips, electricity or heat required. Simply roll a handful of slightly wet hair up to the top, fold your long or short hair into the roller and dry with a blow dryer. Plus, these rollers are easy to clean and store and can be reused for many times, making them a great gift for family and friends. Get ready to experience beautiful curls with JANYUN Pink Magic Hair Rollers!

40pcs Hair Curlers Spiral Hair Curlers for Long Hair, No Heat Curlers 22inch/55cm Magic Curls Hair Rollers with Styling Hooks Heatless Hair Curlers Styling Kit

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Do you want to create beautiful hairstyles with soft curls and waves? Get picture-perfect locks without the heat damage of heat hair curlers with CEKEME Spiral Hair Curlers! This set of 40pcs offers a great way to experiment with different styles, helping you spice up your everyday look.

Designed for all types of hair and ages, CEKEME Curlers are made of high quality material that is soft and smooth so it won’t cause any pulling or snagging when you use them. These curlers also come in a small size and easy to use instructions that allow you to DIY your look at home or on the go. No more taking up space in your bag with multiple tools - these multipurpose curlers do it all!

Discover an effortless way to let your curls shine! With CEKEME Spiral Hair Curlers, have fun trying out new hairstyles while being worry-free from heat damage. Show off gorgeous bouncy ringlets and striking beachy waves - get creative and enjoy the process with CEKEME today!

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CEKEME Spiral Hair Curlers make it easy for you to achieve beautiful, healthy-looking curls at home. Not only are the curlers soft and reusable, but they are also safe for all types of hair - long or short, thicker hair or thin, dry or wet. With 40pcs of 22 inch/55cm curlers included in each package, you'll have everything you need to try any hairstyle of your dreams!

Using these curlers is almost effortless since no pins, clips, or electricity are required; simply hook your hair through the roller and wait a few hours for the perfect curls. The best part is that CEKEME Spiral Hair Curlers allow you to style your own hair without having to make costly trips to the salon!

Hair Curlers For Long Hair, Heatless Curling Rod Headband Sleeping Soft Rubber Hair Rollers, Curling Ribbon and Rods for Natural Hair (Leopard)

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Are you looking for beautiful curls without any heat damage? Look no further than cobinaan Women's Heatless Hair Curlers! This set includes everything you need to get salon-level curls in the comfort of your own home - a curling rod, two scrunchies, one claw clip and two duckbill clips made from an upgraded rubber material that is highly stretchable and won't break easily. It's simple to use - just separate a small bunch of hair and wrap it on the curling rod, then fix it with a rubber band.

No more uncomfortable for heated methods! And with no hair appliances like curling iron or wands needed, you can rest easy knowing your curls are safe from heat damage. With cobinaan Women Heatless Hair Curlers, it's never been easier to have luscious locks and join the curly-haired club! Not only is this set perfect for your daily beauty routine, but also makes a great gift idea for your family and friends. Treat yourself or someone special today!

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It can be difficult to achieve salon-quality curls without negatively impacting your hair, however cobinaan Women Heatless Hair Curlers make this process simple and heat free. This convenient set contains all you need to create beautiful curls - a curling rod, two hair scrunchies, one claw clip and two duckbill clips.

The upgraded rubber material used for the curling rod doesn’t just stay in place and provide comfort while you sleep, it also doesn’t emit any chemical smell so you have peace of mind when using it. Ideal for any type of dry or wet hair - long or short, thick or thin - this set makes a perfect gift idea for anyone looking for glamorous curls! Try cobinaan Women Heatless Hair Curlers to get gorgeous curls with no damage today!

Heatless Hair Curler FAQ

Many women want to know how the Heatless Hair Curler works before they buy it.

The Heatless Hair Curler is a new hair tool that has taken the internet by storm. But with so many questions about how it works, we understand why some women are hesitant to try it out.

We've compiled the most Frequently Asked Questions about the heatless hair curler below. Hopefully this will answer any questions you have and set your mind at ease about trying out this revolutionary new hair tool.

What Is a Heatless Hair Curler and How Does It Work?

A Heatless Hair Curler is an easy-to-use, no-heat curling device that creates beautiful curls without causing heat damage. It works by wrapping sections of your hair around the soft and reusable rollers and then letting them sit for a few hours. The end result is long lasting, salon quality curls with absolutely no heat!

What Types of Heatless Hair Curlers Are Available?

Heatless hair curlers are a fantastic option for anyone who is looking to achieve beautiful, voluminous curls without the use of heat tools. There are numerous options available which use no electricity and produce natural-looking waves that can last up to 2 days with just one application.

The first type of heatless hair curler is the foam roller. These are large tubular foam rollers that come in various sizes and diameters, allowing you to create either tight or loose curls depending on your preference. They work by winding damp hair around the roller and leaving it overnight or for several hours until your hair dries around it; when you take the rollers out, you will have natural-looking waves!

Another popular type of heatless hair curler is called a flexi-rod set. This involves wrapping small sections of damp hair separately around small spongy rods – these are often made from soft plastic so they don't damage your head while sleeping - and securing them in place either with bobby pins or metal clips. You should then leave these overnight to dry, resulting in beautiful spirally curls without any damaging heat treatments!

For those looking for something even more effortless, there's always ribbon twirls! This involves tying thin lengths of *ribbon* into mini buns along your scalp like a half updo style before bedtime; once again, simply leave them overnight for bouncy waves when you wake up in the morning!

Finally there's sock bun curling - this method involves rolling wet strands loosely around a rolled-up sock before air drying; again this gives lasting curls but with less kinks than foam rollers typically would cause. All methods require no electricity/heat sources yet still give great results as long as they're done properly!

What Are Some of the Things To Consider Before Buying a Heatless Hair Curler?

When purchasing a Heatless Hair Curler, there are a few things to consider before making the commitment. First, make sure that you choose one that is suitable for your hair type and desired look - if you have thin hair, then foam rollers may not be the best option as they can leave your hair feeling weighed down; whereas ribbon twirling works better for finer hair.

Secondly, it's important to choose a Heatless Hair Curler that is comfortable enough to sleep in - this usually depends on the size and shape of your head as well as the type of curling tool you go for; some users might find foam rollers too bulky, whereas ribbon twirling can be quite uncomfortable to wear during the night.

Thirdly, consider how long you need your hair to last; different curling tools produce different types of curls and have varying levels of longevity – as a general rule, flexi-rod sets tend to last the longest while ribbon twirling gives less durable results but is much easier to do.

Lastly, be sure to research the best hair care products for your Heatless Hair Curler such as heat protectant sprays or leave-in conditioner that can help you maintain and prolong your curls.

Can I Use the Heatless Hair Curler on Any Type of Hair?

Yes, Heatless Hair Curlers are suitable for any type of hair – from thin and straight to thick and curly. However, depending on your desired look and the texture/type of your hair, some methods may be better suited than others. For example, if you have naturally wavy or curly locks then ribbon twirling is a great option as it will give you beautiful spirally curls without any further effort; whereas people with straighter hair may benefit more from foam rollers or flexi-rod sets.

Make sure to take into account the length, thickness and type of your hair when selecting a Heatless Hair Curler to ensure that you get the best possible results. And as always, research and read up on the best hair care products to pair with your Heatless Hair Curler for maximum results. With a little bit of experimentation, you'll be able to find the perfect Heatless Hair Curling method that works best for you!

Are There Any Special Techniques for Using the Heatless Hair Curler?

Yes, there are a few tips and tricks to ensure the best results when using Heatless Hair Curlers. For example, it is important to section off your hair in order to achieve even waves or curls. Depending on the size of your head, this could mean dividing your hair into four or five sections; as you move from one section to the next, make sure to start rolling or twirling the hair from the back of your head and work forwards.

Another important tip for getting lasting curls is to ensure that your strands are damp (not soaking wet) when winding them onto curlers; this will help lock in a little more moisture which helps create stronger, longer-lasting curls. Additionally, it's important to wait for your hair to be completely dry before taking out the curlers; this is especially crucial if you are using foam rollers or flexi-rods as damp hair can lead to kinks in the finished style.

Finally, make sure to use a good hairspray or anti-humidity product to help protect your curls. This will keep them looking fresh and frizz-free for much longer, no matter the weather or humidity!

Overall, Heatless Hair Curlers are a wonderful alternative to traditional hot tools and can be used on any type of hair. With some experimentation and practice, you’ll be able to find the perfect Heatless Hair Curling method that works best for you and your hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun – after all, it’s just hair! Good luck!

What Type of Results Can I Expect To See When Using the Heatless Hair Curler?

The results you get from the Heatless Hair Curler depend on the type of curling method and product used, as well as the texture and thickness of your hair. Generally speaking, foam rollers or flexi-rods can give you loose waves that look natural and wavy; ribbon twirling offers tighter curls with more bounce and definition; and sponge curlers can give you a more wild, messy look.

In terms of longevity, flexi-rod sets tend to last the longest while ribbon twirling gives slightly less durable results but is much easier to do. But no matter which Heatless Hair Curler you choose, make sure to use a good hairspray, serum or anti-humidity product to your damp or dry hair to help protect your curls from the elements and ensure lasting results.

Are There Any Tips and Tricks I Should Know Before Using the Heatless Hair Curler?

The length of time your curls last when using Heatless Hair Curlers depends on the type of curling method used. Generally speaking, flexi-rod sets tend to last the longest while ribbon twirling gives slightly less durable results but is much easier to do. With a bit of experimentation and practice, you should be able to create waves or curls that last anywhere from 4-7 days. Make sure to use a good hairspray, serum or anti-humidity product to help protect your curls, so you can enjoy the style for as long as possible!

Bottom Line

There you have it! Heatless hair curling is an easy and convenient way to change up your look without compromising the health of your lovely locks. Whether you’re a professional stylist or a DIY novice, we hope these tried-and-tested products have been helpful in finding the perfect heatless curler for you! With time, patience, and the right tools, achieving salon-quality curls doesn’t have to be expensive and difficult. So don't hold back– go out there and make waves with your new heatless hair curlers!

We hope you find your next Groovy thing from the list above! Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own. Oh, and FYI — MyGroovyGuide may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Have fun finding hip, cool stuff you will LOVE!