Sick of single-use plastic straws? It’s time to upgrade!

Glass straws are a great eco-friendly alternative that is not only stylish but also durable and reusable for years. Whether you’re looking for aesthetic, practicality, or both - there is an array of glass straws available in various colors, lengths, diameters, shapes & styles.

Perfect your sipping experience with our selection of sustainable glass straws — perfect for smoothies, lemonade & cocktails alike! Choose from our rainbow array – swirl - spiral designs to find the right fit that expresses your own unique style.  And don't settle because all our products come with a lifetime guarantee so you can keep enjoying them worry-free.

Check out the best collection of glass straws online now! We've got something for everyone!

How We Choose the Best Glass Straws

We get it. Plastic is bad and you wanna help the environment. But sipping on your smoothie with a thick, clunky metal straw just isn’t cutting it anymore. That's why we did some research and found out that glass straws are the perfect alternative! They're stylish, strong, safe to use, and extremely eco-friendly!

Get yourself a sleek set of glass straws today - each one comes in its own special case so you can carry them around easily wherever you go. Plus they come in pretty much any color or style imaginable - so even if you have super specific aesthetic needs, we've got ya covered!

Can withstand high temperature and low temperature resistance.

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Introducing the HeykirHome 4-Pack Reusable Glass Straw to help you live more sustainably and stylishly!

These adorable straws are made of high-grade, eco-friendly glass, and come in a variety of shapes to suit your drinking needs. The package includes two straight tubes and two curved tubes, and two long-handled cleaning brushes so you can keep your straws in top shape. Conveniently carry your straws with you in the included storage bag which can also be used as a travel case. Plus, with each purchase, you'll get some tissue to put in the case to keep your straws safe when you're on the go.

Whether you're looking for an amazing and unique gift for a friend or you want to switch up your own routine, this 4-pack of reusable straws from HeykirHome is perfect. Live more sustainably and stylishly with this cutting-edge package that allows you to throw away those plastic straws for good.

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The HeykirHome 4-Pack Reusable Glass Straw is made from top-of-the-line borosilicate glass. Not only does this material have high-temperature and low-temperature resistance, but it also features an anti-crushing function that has been further reinforced.

Durable and long-lasting, this straw ensures you won't have to replace your drinking straw anytime soon. With the ability to enjoy both hot and cold drinks, you will undoubtedly notice the difference in taste when compared to using disposable plastic straws.

Suitable for mason jar cup, various tumblers, bar glass and more glass cup.

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NETANY 12-Pack Reusable Glass Straws are the perfect addition to anyone's arsenal of eco-friendly items.

With 12 straws and four brush whistles, you'll always be prepared for any beverage you come across, from milkshakes to smoothies to iced lattes. Made of durable borosilicate glass, these straws will last through your day-to-day use! They're 10 inches long and 10 mm wide - big enough for any drink! And don't worry about messes - the four brush whisks in the pack will make cleaning a breeze.

Not only will you be saving the earth from single-use plastics, but you'll have a stylish set of straws perfect for any occasion. Get the NETANY 12-Pack Reusable Glass Straws today and say goodbye to plastic straws for good!

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NETANY 12-Pack Reusable Glass Straws are a great alternative to plastic straws, especially if you're looking for something that's eco-friendly and safe for your health. Made of food-grade high borosilicate glass, these straws are completely free from toxic materials like Lead and BPA.

But that's not all - they're also incredibly strong and sturdy, with excellent resistance to grinding, meaning that they'll last for a long time and can withstand frequent use. One of the best things about these straws is that they don't impart any metallic taste to your drink, making each sip pure and refreshing. Additionally, they won't leave any aftertaste from your previous drink, so you'll always enjoy your beverage to the fullest.

Made from food grade borosilicate glass.

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Introducing the MYJIE 10 Pieces Colorful Glass Straws – a fun and vibrant way to sip your favorite beverages more sustainably!

Turn up the swirl on your inspo by shaking up your drink game with MYJIE’s colorful glass straws! Made with thick, high-quality borosilicate glass, you can count on the straws to resist high temperatures, breakage, and steam buildup. Plus, each straw is heat and cold-resistant for sipping iced drinks poolside or hot chocolate on a chilly winter night.

These straws come in five vibrant colors including vibrant sky blue, coral pink, sunny yellow, grass green, and deep purple! Not to mention, each order comes with two straws of each color and two cleaning brushes so you and a friend can keep your straws in pristine condition. With two straws per color, you can mix and match them for a custom look or give one away as a unique and environmentally-friendly gift!

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The MYJIE 10 Pieces Colorful Glass Straws are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are also made with high-quality food-grade borosilicate glass. This superior material ensures the durability of the straws, so they can withstand frequent use without any wear and tear.

Additionally, the straws are completely BPA and Lead-Free, making them a safer and healthier option for you and the environment. By investing in these straws, you are making a conscious effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Perfect for a wide variety of hot and cold drinks.

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Upgrade your drinking and sipping experience with Hiware's 4-Piece Reusable Glass Straws Set!

Say goodbye to plastic straws and opt into a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative with this set of 4 glass straws. Each straw is crafted with the highest quality of borosilicate glass to make sure you get a clean, crisp flavor from your beverages without the unpleasant metal aftertaste. Enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks without any worries: Hiware's 4-Piece Reusable Glass Straws Set are BPA-free, lead-free, and non-toxic, making them a safe and suitable option for your health.

Not only are these glass straws better for the environment, but they also come in an eco-friendly packaging without any plastic. Sip and savor with ease and style, knowing you're helping create a more sustainable planet. Make the switch to Hiware 4-Piece Reusable Glass Straws Set today and you won't regret it!

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The Hiware 4-Piece Reusable Glass Straws Set not only helps you achieve that, but its sleek and elegant design adds a stylish touch to your drinking experience. Made from borosilicate glass, these straws are durable and dishwasher-safe, ensuring easy maintenance and longevity.

With an outer diameter of 2/5 inches, these straws are perfectly sized to fit through the lid slot of your mason jar, tervis tumbler, eolo glass tumbler, and other similar cups. Drinking your favorite beverages has never been more convenient and eco-friendly.

Designed with lovely fruit patterns on the top bending part.

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Looking for a way to mix things up? With Queekay's 6 Pcs Glass Straws with Design, you can liven up your favorite drink and add a touch of personality!

These Bent Reusable Glass Straws are stylish and colorful, blending right into any lifestyle! Featuring beautiful fruit patterns on the top-bending part of each straw – like strawberries, watermelons, kiwis, lemons, grapes, and pineapples – each Queekay straw provides a unique, on-trend, and personalized look that will make your drink the talk of the town! Add flair and personality to your smoothies, bubble teas, and mocktails with Queekay's 6 Pcs Glass Straws with Design.

Feel relaxed and recharged every time you take a sip with a refreshingly chill drinking experience. Each straw is designed to last long, taking your chilled drinks to the next level and becoming your best hydration companion.

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Queekay 6 Pcs Glass Straws are the ultimate addition to any eco-friendly household. These straws are made of high-quality glass, ensuring that they are safe and reliable to use. With their heat and cold resistance, you can enjoy your favorite hot or cold drinks without any worries.

The clear and bright color printing makes for a beautiful and stylish touch, while the lightweight and smooth design ensures a comfortable drinking experience. These glass straws are built to last, and won't easily fade or deform over time.

Crafted from premium, food-grade borosilicate shatter-resistant glass.

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Take your drinking experience to a whole new level with RENYIH 10 Pcs Reusable Bent Glass Drinking Straws.

Crafted from premium, food-grade borosilicate shatter-resistant glass, these straws are BPA and lead-free, making them safe and healthy to use. Achieve your best drinking experience with a straw that stays cool when used with cold drinks and doesn’t add any heat to hot beverages.

Aside from being safe and healthy to use, these bent glass drinking straws are also the most eco-friendly choice. They come with a reusable case, allowing you to take your straws with you wherever you go. And when you’re done using them, you can easily clean them in the dishwasher and keep using them over and over again. No more plastic straws in landfills!

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RENYIH 10 Pcs Reusable Bent Glass Drinking Straws are not only environmentally friendly but also durable enough to be used over and over again. Made from thick and hard glass material, they come in a variety of beautiful colors ranging from dark blue to amber.

By using these straws, you can do your part to help reduce waste and protect the planet. Plus, the bent design makes them easy to use and perfect for sipping on your favorite drink. Make the switch to these reusable straws and sip in style while being eco-friendly!

Glass Straws FAQs

Discover the answers to your burning questions about glass straws. Unlock a world of clarity and sustainability with our comprehensive FAQ.

What materials are glass straws made of?

Glass straws are made from durable borosilicate glass, which is stronger and more resistant to breakage than other types of glass. They also have a high thermal shock resistance, meaning they can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without shattering.

Are glass straws safe to use?

Absolutely! Our glass straws are made from borosilicate glass, which is non-toxic and does not leech chemicals into drinks like plastic straws can. They’re also BPA-free, so you can sip without worry.

How do I clean my glass straws?

Cleaning your glass straws is easy! Simply rinse with warm water after each use, and hand-wash with soap and a brush for deep cleaning. You can also use the dishwasher to clean them if you prefer – but they’re durable enough to last many years without needing a scrub.

How long do glass straws last?

Glass straws are designed to be durable and reusable for years. With proper care, glass straws can last as long as you need them!

Is there a difference between glass and stainless steel straws?

Yes! While both materials are great eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws, they serve different purposes. Glass straws are strong and durable, but more susceptible to breakage if mishandled. Stainless steel straws are less fracture-prone than glass ones, but they also have a tendency to get hot or cold depending on the temperature of the drink. Ultimately, it’s up to personal preference.

Can you use glass straws as smoothie straws?

Yes, you can! Glass straws can perfectly sized to fit through the lid slot of your mason jar, Tervis tumbler, eolo glass tumbler, and other similar cups. Plus, they’re long enough for large smoothies – so no more spills or messes!

Bottomline: Best Glass Straws

With so many companies claiming to have the best glass straws, it can be hard to choose the right one. That’s why we put together this list of the top glass straws available today. We believe that each of these products has something special to offer and can be a great addition to any kitchen. From simple designs to decorative ones, it all comes down to personal preference in terms of which one you buy.

While our list is comprehensive, there could still be more options for glass straws out there. If none of the products listed above spoke to you, then keep shopping until you find what suits your needs best. Ultimately, what matters is finding the right product for your circumstances that fits both your style and price range.

So get ready for more sustainable sipping by checking out the products listed above!

We hope you find your next Groovy thing from the list above! Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own. Oh, and FYI — MyGroovyGuide may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Have fun finding hip, cool stuff you will LOVE!