Has your shampoo bottle been sitting in the shower for years and no matter how much you refill it, it never seems to run out?

Stop throwing away your money with single-use plastic bottles! Refillable shampoo bottles are not only better for the planet but also help you save a lot of money. Plus, they look great too – why not pamper yourself while helping fight against climate change?

With so many refillable bottles on the market today, don't feel overwhelmed or like there's no perfect fit. We've gone through them all and put together a list of our favorite picks to make sure you get one that looks good, functions great and is perfect for your lifestyle.

Check out this article now to find out what are our top choices of refillable shampoo bottles!

How We Choose the Best Refillable Shampoo Bottle

We all know that using shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles is terrible for the environment, but it's hard to find good refillable shampoo bottles.

Most of us are looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet, but it can be hard to know where to start.

I've done the hard work for you and found the best refillable shampoo bottles out there. Not only do these bottles not leak, but they're also really pretty and come in a variety of fun colors.

PET Plastic Bottles with Leak Proof Pumps | Labels Printed Directly on Bottles

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Step up your bathroom game with the AylaMae Modern Refillable Shampoo and Conditioner Dispensers! Let's talk about upgrading your style. These dispensers are the ultimate combination of chic, simplicity, and functionality. Fill it with your favorite Aloe Vera shampoo and conditioner for a functional and fashionable look in the shower! These refillable bottles offer a generous 500ml/ 16.9 fluid ounces capacity, so you and your guests won't ever have to worry about running out.

The bottles are made from PET plastic which is reusable and recyclable, making Mother Nature happy too! On top of that, every bottle is designed with a 2ml dispensing pump that locks down to prevent any leakage - they're 100% guaranteed not to leak if knocked onto their side! What's more? The labels are completely waterproof too – nothing will damage the finesse these sophisticated bottles have to offer. Update any bathroom shelf with these modern and stylish refilling dispensers at an unbeatable price – it's practicality done right!

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Have you been looking for an elegant, yet sustainable way to upgrade your shower routine? Look no further than AylaMae's modern refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles! These sleek and sophisticated bottles are a must-have for those who prioritize good vibes and great style. Manufactured using PET plastic and boasting a secure lock system, you can rest assured there won't be any wasteful or inconvenient spills during use.

Alongside that, these bottles are also reusable and recyclable - the definition of green living is done right! Not to mention, each bottle features waterproof labels, so you can quickly tell which one contains what product with just a glance. Moreover, they won't leak let alone when tipped over! And, less time to fill them up because each bottle provides 500ml/16.9 fluid ounces of your favorite washes - giving you more bang for your buck. Make sure to check out AylaMae today and keep your bathroom looking luxurious and stylish!

16oz Empty Refillable Shower Bottle, 3 Pack 500ml Plastic Reusable Squeeze Lotion Dispenser for Shampoo and Conditioner Body Wash Liquid Soap Gel Bathroom Hotel

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Upgrade your beauty routine with Segbeauty Shampoo Bottles with Pump! This sleek and stylish set contains three refillable and reusable bottles, so you’ll never struggle to identify what type of liquid is inside. With an elegant PET plastic design that will resist falls, these shampoo bottles are easy to carry and use wherever you go without the worry of leaks. Perfect for a beach outing, this convenient set was created just for you!

Each bottle contains 16.9oz of your favorite essential liquids: shampoo, conditioner, or body soap. You can rest assured that you'll never be left wondering which lotion is which as they each come pre-labeled indicating their contents. Segbeauty Shampoo Bottles with Pump are not only a beautiful addition to your washroom but also provide sustainability and safety. Feel confident knowing that this eco-friendly green collection has the perfect capacity for the whole family's needs!

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The Segbeauty Shampoo Bottles with Pump are the perfect addition to any modern bathroom! Not only do these bottles make dispensing your liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, and essential oil blends a breeze, but they also come as part of a set of three pre-labeled bottles so you don't have to waste time labeling them yourself.

Each bottle holds 16.9oz of your favorite products, so it's large enough to meet the needs of an entire family. Plus, the PET plastic makes the bottles very durable and resistant to falling or breaking. Unlike disposable items, these refillable and reusable bottles are a great choice for those who want to make their bathroom experience more eco-friendly. Whether you're looking for convenience or sustainability, Segbeauty Shampoo Bottles with Pump has you covered.

For Bathroom and Kitchen - Refillable for Shampoo Lotion Oil Shower Soap Hand Soap and Dish Soap - 3 Plastic Bottles

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Introduce a little bit of order and elegance into your bathroom with the MaisoNovo Apothecary Dispenser Bottle. This sleek and durable PET plastic and stainless steel bottle can be mounted on walls or surfaces to create a minimalist look that will make you want to show off your bathroom. Plus, you can save space, and money and reduce waste by eliminating the need for plastic packaging.

Enjoy your clutter-free bathroom while knowing you're helping the environment too! MaisoNovo Apothecary Dispenser Bottle's modern look will bring a sense of calm to any busy morning routine while also bringing joy to your home. Choose MaisoNovo's Apothecary Dispenser Bottle for the perfect way to keep things organized without sacrificing style.

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The MaisoNovo Apothecary Dispenser Bottle is the perfect way to keep your bathrooms and kitchens organized in style. Its drill-free installation technology allows you to have a firm wall mount without the hassle of drilling into tiles. Additionally, this refillable shampoo bottle will not leave any sticky residue when removed, so you don't need to worry about that either!

Its waterproof label is sure to endure humid environments, making it ideal for homes everywhere. This convenient and stylish dispenser bottle was made for durability, functionality, and ease of use. Its sleek design is aesthetically pleasing yet practical with clean lines that add visual interest. Not only does it look great in any bathroom or kitchen, but refilling or cleaning the dispensers is also effortless. With MaisoNovo Apothecary Dispenser Bottle, perfection and simplicity have never been easier!

32oz/1Liter/Large, BPA-Free, Lightweight (Medium Density PETE1 Plastic) Pack of 2, Clear Bottles

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Make showers a breeze with Bar5F Empty Shampoo Bottles! Say goodbye to bulky and difficult-to-handle professional value-size bottles that seem to tip and spill everywhere. With these lightweight liter-sized plastic pump bottles, your life will get exponentially easier with one-hand easy pumping action - perfect for those slippery conditions in the shower.

These bottles have an Accurate Dispensing Lock-Down Pump not only to prevent mess or spills but make sure you dispense the proper amount of product each time. And don’t forget how attractive it’ll look sitting prettily alongside shampoo and conditioner bars and other cosmetics in your bathroom! These crystal clear bottles are perfect for any health or personal care liquids such as shampoo, conditioner, gel,  body wash, soaps & lotions. Now you can easily move them around if need be with its sleek 10 inches-tall and 4 inches-wide frame – it’s almost too good to be true! Get your Empty Shampoo Bottles from Bar5F today and revolutionize your showers in no time!

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Bar5F Empty Shampoo Bottles with Pumps provide a convenient, modern solution to all your shower and bath needs. These liter-sized plastic pump bottles are lightweight, crystal-clear, and stylish — making them the perfect addition to any bathroom or shower. They make refilling a breeze due to their accurate dispensing lock-down pump that promises easy one-hand operation, even in wet and slippery conditions.

These strong and reliable bottles can be used for a variety of health and personal care liquids including your favorite aloe shampoo, conditioner, preferred shower gel from Body Shop, soaps, and lotions. Say goodbye to messy spills — and upgrade your showering experience today with Bar5F meticulously designed Empty Shampoo Bottles with Pumps!

27 oz Refillable Shampoo and Conditioner Dispenser Empty Shower Plastic Bottles with Pump for Bathroom Lotion Body wash, Pack of 3 (White & Silver)

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Welcome to the luxurious world of HARRA HOME Modern Gold Design Pump Bottles! Enjoy the luxury feeling at home with a bottle that looks like it belongs in a 5-star hotel. Give your bathroom an instant transformation for little cost - no need for expensive decorating projects! Its modern and sleek square shape adds an exquisite touch to any décor, making it look more elegant and stunning.

Save yourself from all the mess by getting this large-capacity shower pump bottle set. Eliminate numerous bottles cluttering up the place and keep everything neatly organized. You can now enjoy a neat, clean, and spacious bathroom without compromising on storage or aesthetics.

Enjoy hassle-free showers with HARRA HOME Pump Bottles in gold design, perfect for anyone looking to bring luxurious vibes into their home fast and easily.

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Make organization trendy with HARRA HOME's Empty Refillable Pump Bottles. Made of non-toxic, BPA-free plastic and environmentally friendly materials, these bottles will help keep your bathroom neat and clean by eliminating the need for multiple bottles.

And if you're looking for a gift idea that will truly stand out, consider this set - it comes with pre-stamped labels that can be applied to help identify each product (shampoo, conditioner, rinse & shower gel) quickly and with ease. Plus, the included stickers are water-resistant so you know they won't fade or smudge. Give the gift of convenience, organization, and convenience with HARRA HOME's set of refillable pump bottles.

Tsa Approved Travel Size Containers BPA Free Leak Proof Travel Tubs Refillable Liquid Travel Accessories for Cometic Shampoo and Lotion Soap

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Are you looking for a reliable travel bottle for all your adventures? Look no further than Gemice Travel Bottles! These bottles were designed with convenience and style in mind, plus they'll make sure none of your favorite toiletries are ever lost along the way. Featuring a three-layer leak-proof design that ensures maximum protection for your luggage and clothing, you can hit the road without worrying about any spills or messes. Plus, these bottles come with a unique no-drip valve that prevents leaks while allowing you to dispense just the right amount of liquid.

These travel companions have a wide opening making them perfect for thick liquids and they easily accommodate brushes so you can keep the inside of each tube clean. With vibrant colors and fun designs, these sophisticatedly stylish bottles will be sure to appeal to your femininity while keeping all your lotions and potions safe at home or on the move. So go ahead and create a unique travel story with Gemice Travel Bottles!

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Packing your toiletries and other liquids for your next adventure has never been easier than with Gemice Travel Bottles. Featuring a unique 3-layer leak-proof design, this set of bottles is designed to keep your luggage dry and free from sticky spills. The special opal shape prevents liquids from getting stuck in the corners, so you can easily get the last drop out without wasting any product. Plus, it's TSA approved! And its BPA-free food grade silicone make is safe for a wide variety of fluid types including sauces, salad dressings, and even baby food.

These travel bottles are also equipped with a wide mouth opening that allows for thicker liquids to be easily poured in and are large enough to house a cleaning brush for easy cleaning. No more worrying about sticky messes or wasted products when packing; Gemice Travel Bottles make taking your favorite products on the go effortless.

Refillable Shampoo Bottle FAQ

You're probably wondering if it's really worth it to switch to a refillable shampoo bottle.

Making the switch can seem daunting- but it's easier than you think! Plus, there are plenty of benefits to using a refillable shampoo bottle.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about refillable shampoo bottles- answered by experts in the field! Once you've made the switch, you'll never go back.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Refillable Shampoo Bottle?

Using a refillable shampoo bottle can be beneficial in many ways. It not only helps reduce plastic waste, but it also saves money in the long run. Refillable bottles are made of durable materials that will last for years to come, meaning you won't have to constantly replace them or buy new ones when they become empty. Additionally, they are usually designed with extra features like leak-proof closures to keep your shampoo secure during travel. Many refillable bottles also come in fun shapes and designs, making them a great way to add some personality to your bathroom or shower area. Lastly, they can be used for multiple purposes, so you don't have to worry about buying separate containers for different products. All in all, refillable shampoo bottles are a great way to be more eco-friendly and save money at the same time!

How Do I Use a Refillable Shampoo Bottle?

Using a refillable shampoo bottle is easy. First, make sure to read the instructions on the label before using your shampoo. Then, fill your bottle with the desired amount of your favourite shampoo, making sure not to overtighten the lid. When you’re finished showering, pour out any remaining liquid and rinse out the bottle with warm water. After each use, make sure to dry the bottle thoroughly before putting it away. If you plan on traveling with your refillable shampoo bottle, be sure to fill it up just before leaving and double-check that the lid is secure to avoid any leaks or spills during transit. Lastly, make sure to store your shampoo in a cool, dry place when not in use. With a little care and attention, your refillable shampoo bottle can last for years to come!

How Do I Fill My Refillable Shampoo Bottle?

Filling your refillable shampoo bottle is easy and simple. To start, make sure the lid is securely closed before adding any liquid. Then, you can either pour your shampoo or conditioner directly into the bottle from its original refill pouches or if you have a pump-style bottle, you can use that to fill the refillable one. You can also transfer liquid from a bulk container, such as a gallon jug, by using a measuring cup or funnel. Make sure not to overfill your refillable bottle and leave some room at the top in case it expands while being stored. Lastly, be sure to close the lid securely after each use to avoid any spills or leaks. With these easy steps, you’ll be able to fill your refillable shampoo bottle in no time!

What Type of Shampoo Can I Use With a Refillable Shampoo Bottle?

Refillable shampoo bottles are designed to work with most types of liquid shampoo. You can use any regular or specialized shampoos and conditioners, such as those for color-treated hair, shampoo with natural ingredients, curly hair, dry scalp, etc. For best results, you may want to consider using a specific type of shampoo that’s meant for refillable bottles, as these will be formulated to last longer and keep their scent and texture for an extended period of time. Additionally, some refillable shampoo bottles are designed to allow you to mix different types of shampoo and conditioner together, which can save money while also yielding great results. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect shampoo for your refillable bottle.

How Often Do I Need To Refill My Shampoo Bottle?

How often you need to refill your shampoo bottle depends on how much you use. Generally, a full-sized bottle will last for about two months if used regularly. However, if you’re using larger amounts of shampoo or conditioner, then it may take less time to go through the entire bottle. Additionally, some brands may have specific instructions regarding how often to refill the bottle, so be sure to check the label for any guidance. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that refilling your shampoo bottle regularly can help you save money and be more eco-friendly in the long run!

How Do I Clean My Refillable Shampoo Bottle?

Cleaning your refillable shampoo bottle is easy and straightforward. Start by pouring out any remaining liquid, then rinse the bottle with warm water. After that, you can scrub the interior with a soft-bristled brush to remove any dirt or soap scum buildup. You may also want to use a mild soap or detergent for tougher, stuck-on residue. Then, simply rinse the bottle with water and let it air dry before filling it up again. Additionally, some refillable bottles can also be placed on a top rack in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. With these simple steps, you’ll have your refillable shampoo bottle looking like new in no time!

What Are Some of the Best Refillable Shampoo Bottles on the Market?

Some of the best refillable shampoo bottles on the market include: The HairPro Refillable Shampoo Bottle, which features a wide mouth and durable construction; Giovanni Eco Chic Cosmetics' Refillable Bottle, which has an ergonomic design for easy handling; and the Contigo Autospout Ashland Water Bottle, which boasts a leak-proof lid and a grip-friendly handle. Additionally, various refillable bottles are available in materials such as stainless steel, plastic, silicone and glass, making it easy to find one that fits your needs and preferences. So whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly option or one with extra features like a pump top, there’s sure to be a refillable shampoo spray bottle out there that’s perfect for you!

How Do I Know if a Refillable Shampoo Bottle Is Right for Me?

The best way to know if a refillable shampoo bottle is right for you is to consider your personal needs and preferences. Think about how often you shampoo, the type of products that you use, and what kind of features are most important to you. If cost savings, convenience, and eco-friendliness are high priorities, then a refillable shampoo bottle could be a great choice for you. Additionally, if you’re interested in the ability to mix and match different types of shampoo or conditioner, then refillable bottles can offer that versatility as well. Ultimately, with so many options available, there’s sure to be a refillable shampoo bottle that meets your needs!

What Are Some of the Drawbacks of Using a Refillable Shampoo Bottle?

Some of the drawbacks of using a refillable shampoo bottle include the need to frequently clean and maintain the bottle, as well as the possibility of leakage or spilling. Additionally, if you use multiple types of shampoo or conditioner, you may need to purchase additional bottles in order to easily switch between products. Finally, some refillable shampoo bottles are not as travel-friendly, given the size and weight of the bottle. That being said, many refillable bottles are designed with portability in mind, so there are plenty of options to choose from! With a bit of research and care, you can find a refillable shampoo bottle that works for you.

Are There Any Safety Concerns I Should Be Aware of When Using a Refillable Shampoo Bottle?

Yes, there are some safety concerns to consider when using a refillable shampoo bottle. It’s important to check the material of your chosen bottle—some plastic bottles may contain BPA or other chemicals that can leach into the product and be absorbed by the skin. Additionally, make sure to follow all instructions for cleaning and maintaining your bottle, as well as any safety warnings provided by the manufacturer. Finally, it’s best to avoid placing refillable shampoo bottles near heat sources such as hair dryers or ovens, as this can cause damage to the container. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy all the benefits of a refillable shampoo bottle without compromising your safety.

Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed reading about why refillable shampoo bottles are the way to go. Not only will they save you money in the long run, but they'll also help reduce your plastic consumption. With so many different options on the market, it's easy to find one that fits your style and needs. Be sure to check out our list of favorite picks before making your final decision.

We hope you find your next Groovy thing from the list above! Each product was independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples for us to fiddle with, but all opinions in this article are our own. Oh, and FYI — MyGroovyGuide may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Have fun finding hip, cool stuff you will LOVE!