Christmas is just around the corner and you still don’t have a gift for your loved ones?

No problem! We have the perfect solution for you. Our top six list of the best Christmas train sets will help you find the ideal set for anyone on your list. They are sure to love these beautiful, festive trains.

With a wide variety of sets to choose from, we are confident that you will find the perfect one for your needs. These trains are not only beautiful but also fun to play with. So why wait any longer? Get started shopping today!

How We Choose the Best Christmas Train Set

With so many different Christmas train sets on the market, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you. Do you go with a traditional set, or something more modern? What about size and price?

Classic Train Set Toys with Sound and Light Round Tracks Railway for Under Christmas Tree.

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LEYI Classic Train Set Toys is here to take your child on a journey through the world of spectacular railway tracks. Transport your little ones to an exciting new place and let their imaginations go wild with this timeless classic train set design that has been carefully manufactured to resemble the real thing.

With its locomotive engine, coach, cargo car, coal car and 10 Pieces of railway tracks all included in the set, you can trust that each piece will look super realistic. Kids will love watching as these pieces come together for a great ride along the track or just for playtime fun.

Your children’s faces will light up when they receive this incredible gift and it will keep them entertained for hours on end – perfect if you’re looking for something that lasts a lifetime. Let your kids explore while beginning a fascinating journey with LEYI.

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Make Christmas morning even more magical with the LEYI Classic Train Set Toys! A traditional design meets modern technology for maximum fun. This train set has a realistic sound and light system, aiding the storytelling time and role-play of your kids – it's sure to become their new favorite game.

It features tracks that can form into any circle you desire and will provide hours of entertainment. Battery-operated, this classic train station set is ideal for tucking under or around the Christmas tree. Give your little ones a truly nostalgic holiday experience with the LEYI train set.

Electric Toy Train Set W/ Smokes, Light & Sound

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Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to get your little one in the Christmas spirit this year? Look no further than Lucky Doug’s Christmas Train Set.

This train set is designed with high quality, non-toxic, durable plastic that conforms to the highest of US toy standards, so you can rest assured that your little one will be able to safely enjoy hours and hours of playtime with their new train. The smooth surface makes it easy to handle and puts parents’ minds at ease when their kids are playing.

Whether your tyke loves playing with trains year-round or just wants something special during the holiday season, the Lucky Doug Train Set has them covered! So for joyous kid-filled days, look no further than our delightful train set.

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The Lucky Doug Christmas Train Set is an amazing gift for someone looking to bring excitement and joy to their holidays. This incredible set comes with a locomotive engine train, a passenger car, two cargo cars, and two passenger cars, all of which are equipped with exquisite cardboard pieces.

There are also 28 train track pieces to let you create your own unique tracks. The track dimensions when used in combination with the Cross Over Accessories piece measure 98"X39". To get the train rolling, you'll need 3 AA batteries - these are not included with the set but they're easy to find.

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Electric O Gauge Model Train Set with Remote and Bluetooth Capability

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Introducing a perfect combination of classic fun and modern technology, this unique train set is sure to bring out the inner kid in all of us. From the same company that created the North Pole Central Merry Christmas Bobber Caboose, Lionel Mickey Mouse & Friends express is a sure hit this holiday season.

The expressive exterior features authentic Mickey ears that snap onto the locomotive cab, Pluto ears and tail (optional) on the caboose, plus Donald Duck’s hat atop the tank car – inspiring all sorts of imaginative play.

But there’s even more to discover! With a complimentary Bluetooth app included with the purchase, you can control certain actions such as ringing bells and whistles.

Start collecting memories today with Lionel’s Mickey Mouse & Friends Express – it makes an ideal gift for kids or nostalgia fans of all ages. Transporting us both figuratively and literally back to our childhood days, this train set embodies timeless entertainment that will never grow old. Let it take you anywhere your imagination goes…all aboard!

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The Lionel Mickey Mouse & Friends Express Set includes all of the essentials to create a full-circle track layout: a 2-4-2 Steam Locomotive and Tender, three Freight Cars (a Tank Car, Boxcar, Caboose), eighteen pieces of FastTrack including curved and straight pieces, and the wall pack power supply and remote.

The 10" straight lock-on section provides extra length for larger layouts, allowing you to get even more imaginative with your design. With this great set, you can discover the joys of railway modeling in no time at all.

Christmas Train Set for Under The Tree with Lights, and Sounds

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Celebrate the holiday season in style with the Atlasonix Deluxe Christmas Train Set! Kids and adults alike will love watching this magical train chug around the tracks, with a real steam engine, tooting horn, and mesmerizing lights.

Featuring two of Santa’s helpful elves guiding the way in their very own hand-operated rail car, this charming train set offers something truly special for every festive occasion. Not only can you use it as table decorations for a big family celebration or enjoy building tracks together with your little ones – this delightful rail set is sure to become a beloved family tradition for years to come.

Get ready to experience all kinds of joy - especially when you see your children’s delighted faces lit up by all of the dazzling lights on the Atlasonix Christmas Tree Train Set Deluxe.

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Christmas wouldn't be complete without holiday decorations, and the Atlasonix Christmas Train Set is sure to put a sparkle in anyone's eye. This stunning model train set features multiple carriages of red, green, black, and gold across 16 pieces of track.

As it chugs around the base of your tree, you'll love how it lights up the evening with its illuminating LEDs and festive sounds. Displaying your love for Christmas celebrations, this set is sure to spread joy throughout the whole room.

Christmas Train Set, Track Elevated with Locomotive Santa Claus

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It's time to get your Christmas spirit on! The ELFSOUL Christmas Train Set is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer, no matter what kind of festive activities you plan this year. Whether it's imaginative play, stringing up decorations, or just making the season brighter all around the home—this train set has got you covered.

This model train set is specially made for wrapping defined around your tree! It even has a stand that can be lifted off the floor so that you can weave it in and around branches. Additionally, each car is brightly colored with a unique motif for extra seasonal celebration—including Santa peaking out from one of the cars!

Not only is this train set great for imaginative play and displaying decorations during Christmas, but it's also awesome during other seasons too; simply bring out your ELFSOUL Christmas Train Set and have fun with it all year round.

So go ahead and bring some shine into your life with an ELFSOUL Christmas Train Set this Holiday Season! You'll love watching smiles blossom on everyone’s face when they see how much fun there can be had with this whimsical train set – plus, they'll make a great gift idea too.

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ELFSOUL Christmas Train set is a great way to celebrate the holidays with its realistic battery-powered locomotive, Santa Claus and his sleigh, truck of gifts, snowman, and Christmas tree! Both children and adults can enjoy the different sounds of chugging engines and ringing bells.

Plus, the festive train has an illuminating headlight that adds to its charm. To ensure comfort during playtime, there's also a convenient control button you can operate to adjust the sound when needed. With the ELFSOUL Christmas Train set, you're sure to have an unforgettable holiday season.

Christmas Train Sets for Under The Tree with Railway Kits, Cargo Cars & Tracks

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This electric Christmas train lets you recreate a classic winter holiday atmosphere full of lights, festive sounds, and what would be an old-fashioned sight of smoke coming out of the chimney.

When your holiday visitors come over to your home, they will not only be in awe at how beautiful your Christmas decoration is – they'll also hear the cheerful choo-choo of this electric train as it runs around your tree, making everyone smile. You don't need to worry about sound pollution either; you can simply switch to silent mode to protect family members from loud noises if needed.

But that's not all! This electronic OCHIDO Train Set also comes with an extra feature: add some water in the water container located behind the chimney and you’ll have harmless smoke coming out from it to recreate an even more realistic scene. And to top it off - there’s also a bonus empty bottle included for convenience.

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The OCHIDO train set is an exciting way to bring the holiday spirit into your home. With a steam locomotive, two passenger cars, a freight vehicle, and 10 curved and 4 straight tracks for 55” x 35” track layout dimensions, assembling this Christmas train can become a fun family activity.

By putting in just four 1.5AA batteries (not included) you can set the locomotive on its voyage and watch it go round and round around the sparkling tree -a magical view! So make sure you indulge in some festive cheer with family and plenty of presents under your Christmas tree this year - and don't forget your OCHIDO train.

Railway Train Tracks Set with Lights and Sounds for Christmas Decoration

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Let your child's imaginations soar with the Play Moon Electric Train Set! With its realistic train design, this fun and the educational toy will inspire your little engineer. From the moment you turn it on, lights fill the passenger coach with warm light, the whistle sounds off and the journey begins.

Even better, add some festive Christmas decorations to the engine for a magical holiday atmosphere. Your little ones will have hours of adventure and creativity as they explore new destinations and dream up imaginative stories along the way. Bring home a classic toy that will inspire their minds for years to come with the Play Moon Electric Train set.

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The Play Moon Electric Train Set is an ideal Christmas gift for kids, with its bright and colorful packaging making it the perfect present for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion.

This train set allows children to explore their creative side as they construct and direct their very own mini railway around the Christmas tree. It's suitable for children of all ages and provides an interactive way for families to bond during quality time.

Not only does this festive train set come with LED lights that bring life to the work of art, but also contains reassemble track pieces and trains - creating endless possibilities that add extra sparkle and joy to the Christmas festivities.

Christmas Train Set with Full Circle Train Track, Locomotive, and Spinning Christmas Tree Toy

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Get ready for the holidays with the LEGO Creator Expert Winter Holiday Train! This realistic train has authentic details such as a headlight that shines bright, and a whistle that lets you know it’s time to ride. Add a touch of Christmas cheer to your decorating game by placing some festive decorations from home onto this incredible train, and get ready to enjoy the holiday spirit in no time.

Using the smooth-moving engine and wagon, plus sixteen curved rail tracks and two straight pieces, you will be able to fully construct your own holiday train, tailor-made for maximum joy over this festive period. Just imagine all the possible destinations; friends’ houses, family dinners, or even just a relaxing treat! Let the LEGO Creator Winter Holiday Train create snowflake smiles in your home this season.

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Make the winter holidays even more memorable with LEGO's Creator Expert Winter Holiday Train! This amazing play set features a detailed brick-built train and railway station that's over 16 inches long, plus 5 festive mini-figures.

The locomotive engineer, ticket collector, and grandparent are perfect for moments of holiday cheer, while the young boy and girl invite your little ones to delve into their own stories and adventures.

For parents who appreciate the extra details, there are 3 green wreaths, decorative lights, and buildable micro toys for endless fun - this is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Christmas Train Set FAQs

Buying a Christmas train set can be a big decision. There are lots of different sets to choose from and it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

We've answered the most frequently asked questions about Christmas train sets so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.

Why do people put trains around the Christmas tree?

There are a few popular explanations for why people put trains around Christmas trees. One explanation is that the train mimics the movement of Santa's sleigh as he delivers presents to children on Christmas Eve.

Another explanation is that the train is reminiscent of the toy trains that were popular during Christmases' past. A third explanation is that putting a train around the tree is a way to show off one's holiday decorations and celebrate the season.

What size train is best for a Christmas village?

It depends on the size of your Christmas village! Some villages can be quite small, while others can be quite large. If you have a smaller village, then a smaller train would work best. However, if you have a larger village, then you'll need a larger train to fit everything in. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what size train is best for your Christmas village.

Why do they put stones under train tracks?

The stones help to dampen the impact of the train as it passes over the tracks. This helps to preserve the tracks and keep them in good condition.

Are train sets worth money?

It depends on the train set. Some older and rarer sets can be worth a lot of money, while others are not as valuable.

Generally speaking, the more detailed and intricate the design of the train set, the more it will be worth. Some factors that can affect a train set's value include its age, rarity, and condition.

If you have an older or rarer train set that is in good condition, it may be worth something to collectors. However, if your train set is not particularly unique or rare, it is likely not worth very much money.

Why is the HO scale so popular?

The HO scale is so popular because it's a great size for model train cars. It's large enough that you can create a really great replica of a real-world scene, but it's also small enough that you can fit the entire layout inside your house. Plus, the trains are relatively affordable, which makes them a popular choice for hobbyists.

Bottomline: Best Christmas Train Set

So, if you are looking for the best Christmas train set this year or a holiday-decorated gondola car, be sure to check out the products listed above. We have done all of the hard work for you and looked through dozens of reviews on Amazon so that you can find the perfect one for your family. And remember, these sets make great gifts too!

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